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Sunrise Australian Labradoodle Breeding Program

Our breeding program has proven to be one of the best in the country. It is built on a record of ethics, compassion, and love of this breed. We are here to educate and help you understand the breed and general information such as health testing, breed development, socialization, early spay and neutering, microchipping, and many other subjects. Please take time to read this page so you have a good understanding of the dedication we put into our program so that you get the very best puppy for your family.

First and Foremost... Guardian Homes We do not have kennels!! All of our dogs are either raised by us, or enjoy a life in a family as a cherished pet. These families are called Guardian Homes. They are families just like you that raise our potential breeding dogs in their homes, on the bed, and on their couch...haha. After the dog has been sufficiently health tested ONLY then will it enter our breeding program. After the dog retires from our program he/she already has a "forever home". This ensures that our dogs are well socialized, well cared for, trained as every dog should. No kennels here.

Health Testing It is important for us to achieve the very highest quality of puppy we can, so that starts with excellent health testing results for all of our breeding dogs. Here is a list of all the health testing that each and every one of our breeding dogs has completed before it enters our breeding program. Our breeding program achieves the highest standards of ALL STAR health testing requirements according to the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA).

Health Certificate Each and every puppy receives a Florida Health Certificate that states the puppy has been seen by a licensed Veterinarian and is up to date with worming and shots appropriate to it's age and is healthy to be sold.

Microchipping To safeguard your puppy we microchip all puppies. This way if your puppy every gets lost it can be easily identified by local Humane society or veterinarians to be returned to you. Don't forget to register your microchips after bringing puppy home!

Early Spay and Neutering A safe and effective procedure that has many benefits. Spaying & neutering our pups is a safe, fast, and humane procedure that has many benefits for both pets and owners. This procedure is proven to give your pup a longer & healthier life: reducing the risk of uterine infections and breast tumors in females, and testicular cancer & prostate problems in males. Read more from the ASPCA here. And a million other things that make our program stellar, reputable, and the place to reserve your next family member.

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