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Our Visitors Policy

I often have people asking about coming to visit my facility to meet my breeding dogs or puppies.  This is what I would want to do if I were buying a new puppy... a new family member. But there are many things to consider as a breeder that many people don't realize. The dangers of exposing young puppies that are not vaccinated is very serious and can be detrimental to a breeding program and the welfare of my dogs. Visitors can (of course unknowingly) bring diseases onto the property and harm puppies.

This is our home, not a storefront. I have a life outside of puppies so please be considerate of my schedule, my time, and the safety of my dogs when asking to visit.

A little story for example... Parvo is a very deadly disease that any dog can carry but because they are vaccinated they are not affected with the disease. So let's say that an affected stray dog is walking along the grass at Walmart and poo's on the grass. Then a year later you come walking to Walmart and your flip flops step in the area where that dog went potty a year before. Then... let's say two months later you wear those flip flops to my farm where my newborn puppies are not vaccinated for Parvo yet...YUP YOU GUESSED IT, my Mama dog could carry that disease to her puppies whose immune systems have not yet matured and are now at great risk of contracting parvo and dying.

So a scenario like this does not ever happen to me, this is my policy for visiting my farm.

I allow visitors ONLY when I do not have puppies that are under 5 weeks old and vaccinated with Parvo/Distemper.

Make an appointment to visit

All visitors will immediately step their shoes into a pan of chemicals that kill diseases at the gate before entering.
All visitors will wash their hands before handling dogs or puppies I ask that visitors wear clean clothing and do not visit my farm after visiting another farm or pet store.
No other dogs are permitted to visit.

I am always happy to show off my dogs, meet new people and have visitors here. I do feel it's an important part of purchasing your puppy and feeling comfortable with me as a breeder.  Please be flexible and work with me when you want to visit because if it was YOUR puppy you would want me to take the same precautions.

Please email me to make an appointment to visit

Visitors Policy
Visitors Policy
Our Visitors Policy
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