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upcoming litters

Upcoming Litters

All puppies are priced at $3,250.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a reservation. Balance on puppy is due when puppy is 4 weeks old.  We reserve the right to keep up to two pups from any litter for our future program.

We reserve the right to replace the stud boy without notice.

For litters that say "Fully Booked", this means I have at least 6 reservations on that litter. If more puppies are born in that litter then I will notify only those that have a paid deposit and are on my waiting list or on another similar litter not born.
I will be posting new litters periodically so please check this site often. To be considered for a puppy please fill out a puppy application.

To be considered for a puppy please fill out a puppy application to reserve your puppy.


Breeze & Lennox
Medium Size 30-35 lbs


Now Taking 


Sunrise Summer Breeze

Southern Cross Sweet Dreams

Breeze and Lennox's Litter

Puppies due June 22nd, 2023

go home late August 2023.

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Medium size Australian Labradoodles in beautiful Cream and chocolate colors possibly some with white markings and Parti Colors

Will mature to about 30-35 lbs. 

Breeze is a daughter of my lovely Summer. She has super people focus and is really in tune to her people. Her personality is a silly but gentle girl that loves to play and eat popcorn. She has a lovely curly coat(not wool) the is super soft and silky. Breeze has wonderful correct structure, thicker bone and a compact body style. She is caramel with white markings. Lennon is a boy owned by Labradoodle Lane. He is a happy boy, that is people focused. He has amazing structure, a very lovely soft coat of non shedding. This will be a lovely litter for families with kids and just wonderful companion dogs.


Harper & Buck
Large Standard 65-75 lbs

Buck 7 months.JPG

Now Taking 


Sunrise Pearls of the Harp

Sunrise Buck Wild

Harper and Buck's Litter

Puppies due around mid August

go home October 2023.

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Large Standard size Australian Labradoodles in beautiful Cream and black colors.

Will mature to about 65-75 lbs. 

Harper is a daughter of my lovely Zoey now retired. She is absolutely stunning, very personable and super calm. She has a wonderful people focused temperament that is suitable for service or therapy. Her coat is wavey fleece and non shedding. Harper is from a line of dogs that have produced many service and therapy dogs. Matched with Buck with his amazing structure and happy go lucky and confident personality this will be an amazing litter. Don't miss out if you are looking for a large standard for service or therapy or a great family dog. 


Reba & Finnegan
Small Standard 40-50 lbs


Now Taking 


Reba and Finnegan's Litter

Puppies due early August, go home early October 2023.

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Small Standard size Australian Labradoodles in beautiful shades of apricot possibly with white markings.

Will mature to about 40-50 lbs. 

Reba is the most beautiful dark red girl! She is happy go lucky, sweet, and loves to hang with her people. Reba has a super soft non shedding coat that feels like silk with great structure and impeccable health testing. Finnegan is a tall boy with a more straight coat but also non shedding. He lives with three kids under 11 and a Jack Russell Terrier that is his best friend. He loves fetch and cuddles. Finnegan has exactly what I look for in a breeding dog, his temperament, structure and health testing make him a perfect sire for this litter. This litter will be amazing for families with kids, companion dogs that are devoted to their owners.

I will be adding more litters in medium & standard size for late 2023 soon  
...please check back


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