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upcoming litters

Upcoming Litters

All puppies are priced at $3,250.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a reservation. Balance on puppy is due when puppy is 4 weeks old.  We reserve the right to keep up to two pups from any litter for our future program.

We reserve the right to replace the stud boy without notice.

For litters that say "Fully Booked", this means I have at least 6 reservations on that litter. If more puppies are born in that litter then I will notify only those that have a paid deposit and are on my waiting list or on another similar litter not born.
I will be posting new litters periodically so please check this site often. To be considered for a puppy please fill out a puppy application.

To be considered for a puppy please fill out a puppy application to reserve your puppy.

2024 Litters

Mae & Rudy
Medium 35-40 lbs


Puppies Born!

See Current Litters

Sunrise Lucky Mae

Coastal Rudolph Valentino

Mae & Rudy's Litter

Puppies Born!!

Puppies go home March 3rd, 2024.

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Large Medium size Australian Labradoodles in beautiful shades of Chocolate some with white markings. Puppies will mature to about 40 lbs. 

Mae is the sweetest girl, super people focused and obedient. She has a super soft chocolate non-shedding coat. She also has deep auburn eyes that make you feel she can see deep into your soul just looking at her. Mae has great balanced structure and perfect heath testing. She is very people focused and is about the most perfect dog out there.


Rudy is the life of the party!! He is always happy go lucky, looking to play or cuddle. He lives with kids, loves everyone and will always be close to his people. His coat is super soft and loose wavy and so luxurious. Rudy has great health testing, wonderful uphill structure and gait. This litter will mature to around 40 lbs and be suitable for wonderful family dogs with kids or retired couples. Reserve now this litter will go fast.


Milly & Buck
Large Standard Size 70+ lbs


Puppies Born!

See Current Litters

Sunrise Moonlight Mildred

Sunrise Buck Wild

Milly & Buck's Litter

Puppies Born January 11th, 2024

go home March 10th, 2024.

12 Puppies! 3 Boy & 9 Girls

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Large Standard size Australian Labradoodles in beautiful Cream, Chocolate, and Black colors!

Will mature to about 70-85 lbs. 

I cannot say enough about how lovely this girl is with her beautiful amber eyesMilly is tall and leggy in structure and has a beautiful shinny coat of creamy color. Her personality is fully of happiness for everyone she see's. She comes from long lines of standard size Australian Labradoodles that have provided service and therapy. Buck is a big boy with stout correct structure and an amazing dense black coat. He also comes from long lines of service dog with great people focused temperament and dedication. This will be a great litter if you are looking for a wonderful companion or service dog that is a larger size Australian Labradoodle.


Lena & Truman
Small Standard Size 40-45 lbs


Sunrise Ole's Wife Lena

Good Day Truman

Lena & Truan's Litter

Puppies Due late March 2024

go home late May 2024.

Now Taking Reservations on This Litter.

Large Medium/Small Standard size Australian Labradoodles in Chocolate, and some in Phantom Coloring!

Will mature to about 40-45 lbs. 

This is a repeat litter as their last litter was amazing see photos of the puppies below. Some will have lighter colored legs and some will have full phantom marking with tan on chest, legs, and eyebrows and some white markings. Temperament with this litter will be stellar!! Wonderful family dogs and great with kids. Lena is super kind and laid back, she is from long line of service and therapy dogs. Truman is happy go lucky and knows no strangers. This litter will go fast. 

Photos of their last litter

I will be adding more litters in medium & standard size for mid to late 2024 soon  
...please check back


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