We are currently looking for Guardian Homes
who live within 50 miles of Ocala, FL

All our breeding dogs and puppies are raised in our home.


In an effort for us to expand our breeding stock without kennels, so all of our breeding dogs can live in loving homes and get the attention they deserve, we have implemented the "Guardian Home Program". We are currently looking for a few Guardian Homes who live within 2 hours driving distance of Ocala, Florida.

Being a Guardian Home is an excellent, low cost way to have a top breeding quality Sunrise Australian Labradoodle as a family pet.

I do not keep my breeing dogs in kennels, instead I utilize Guardian Homes. A Guardian Home is a family that takes one of our potential breeding quality puppies and provides a forever home. The Guardian Home raises, trains, loves and cares for the puppy as their own. Sunrise technically own the dog will health test puppy and if it turns out to be a quality dog will enter it into our breeding program. When the dog enters our breeding program see below for additional information on males vs. females. After the dog’s breeding career is over it is spayed/neutered and ownership is transferred to the Guardian family to include a health guarantee and keep as a forever pet for you.

During the dogs breeding career Sunrise AL’s pays for anything related to breeding including all reproductive and health testing for your puppy between ages 6-12 months. The guardian home pays for the day to day expenses of having a pet dog including food, immunizations, parasite treatments, training, grooming, toys, etc..

If at any time Sunrise Australian Labradoodles decides not to use your dog in their breeding program, Sunrise will pay to spay or neuter of the dog and we will retire the dog from our breeding program and it will forever remain your family pet, at no additional fee to you.


Cost: The cost of a female puppy or adult/young dog in our Guardian Home Program is $500.


A potential female puppy will need to return to our facility for health testing when she turns 6 months old. After evaluation of those results we then decide if she will be entered into our program. Once in our program she will deliver up to 4 litters at Sunrise Australian Labradoodles approximately two times per year.  Mostly your responsibility will be transporting her to us.  Once pregnant she will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and come back to us about one week before her delivery and stay until the puppies are weaned. After her breeding career is over Sunrise Australian Labradoodles will pay to spay her per our agreement and she will retire with you at no additional fee.


Cost: The cost of a male puppy or adult/young dog in our Guardian Home Program is $500.


A potential male puppy will need to return to our facility for for health testing when he turns 6 months old. After evaluation of those results we then decide if he will be entered into our program. Once he passes his health testing and we enter him into our program he can be used up to 8 times per year that will last 3 days each time.  You will be responsible for transporting him to our facility each time. Once we have determined we have used him to the fullest potential for our breeding program or he reaches the age of 7, we will have him neutered per our agreement and he will retire with you at no additional fee.


Health Benefits: Your puppy will be completely heath tested at no cost to you. We assess puppies about 6-12 months of age for quality based on our high breeding standards, and then we will pay to completely health test this puppy for things like hips, elbows, eyes, prcdPRA, vWD, thyroid, cardio, patella, and DNA profiling including over 10 genetics disease traits.


-You will received the best of my program. Pick of the litter puppy that will hopefully compliment the breed into the future.

-Receive $500 discount to purchase an additional spayed/neutered pet puppy. Also have first right to second Guardian Home breeder from Sunrise.

Best of all… you become part of the Sunrise Labradoodle Family, and contribute to the future development of this fabulous breed worldwide. You get to enjoy being a part of our breeding program and take part in your dog's puppies going to families to enjoy for generations to come. We have a lovely relationship with all our Guardian Homes and they become family to us. The Guardian Home program is invaluable to us and working with those raising our breeding dogs makes it really special.

Cost Savings: You can get a top quality Australian Labradoodle pick of the litter (breeder picks) puppy at a discount price. We also offer a $100 refund if puppy gains obedience or service/therapy dog certifications. Sunrise AL selects and places our "pick of the litter" puppies in our Guardian Home Program and this allows our families an opportunity to have the best of the best Australian Labradoodles as their family pet.



- Guardian family must live within a 2 hour radius of Ocala, Florida for females and within one hour for males.

- All other dogs in the household must be spayed/neutered unless it’s one of Sunrise AL breeders.

- Provide high quality dog food and be willing to feed additional recommended food when dog is pregnant.

-Provide a safe environment that includes full physical fenced yard. Electric fencing can be ok in some instances.

-Provide transportation to and from Sunrise.

-Provide basic socialization and training. $100 refund if dog achieves it’s AKC Canine Good Citizen by the age of two, or therapy or service dog achievements.

-Follow recommendations for the dog/puppy’s basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc during the contract.

Most of all, a Guardian Home needs to be willing work with Sunrise AL in a close relationship to provide good breeding and pet care to the dog that will help improve this fabulous breed.

If you would like to be part of our Guardian Home program or have additional questions please contact us at 612-743-5968 or email us.


At Sunrise Australian Labradoodles we are dedicated in continuing to improve the breed according to the standards set by the WALA. These dogs have been specially chosen to carry on the great quality of our program and they need wonderful families to raise them. Please call if you have a question about any of these pups or about our Guardian Home program.

Dogs Available for Guardian Home Program

Always looking for fabulous Families looking to be a part of the Guardian Home Program please fill out a puppy application and email me if you are interested at karen@sunriseaustralianlabradoodles.com

Currently looking for a Guardian Home for these puppies coming this year.

If you are interested in being a Guardian Home for any of these puppies please fill out a puppy application and contact me.


Standard Female: Luna and Trace's litter born 7-19-20, cream and chocolates

One of these Standard Females:

Leia and Bo's litter born 7-19-20, cream

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