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How does the

puppy pick out process go?

This is the most popular question people ask...


First... I am hoping you've put a deposit on the litter you are most interested in regarding size and color.  When you place a deposit we will not know if a girl, or boy, or certain color will even be born. If you have a deposit on a multi colored litter you should be prepared and willing to accept any of those colors. 

Second... I realize most people have a preference for gender. Just so you know, this breed does not have any difference in temperament or personality in boy vs. girl dog. Their temperaments are not determined by gender. All puppies will be super people focused and very loving. The temperament of each dog whether boy or girl can very slightly. I ask that you have an open mind for gender and color.


When puppies are 6 weeks old we have puppy pick out day, each family that has a reservation on the litter will come and meet all the puppies (if you live far then we Skype/Facetime). You will learn about each puppies personality and temperamenty according to results of the Volhard Aptitude test.  Then you will choose your top three puppies in order of preference.

When puppies are 7-8 weeks old Sunrise Australian Labradoodles will allocate your puppy based on information within your application, results of temperament testing/personality evaluations, and the 3 puppy choices you made at puppy pick out day.  Preference will be given to the three puppies you have chosen but is not guaranteed. Most families will get one of their top two puppies.

Please view the puppy pick out and allocation contract below. This you will have to sign and agree to the pick out process.


Sunrise Australian Labradoodles is very successful with this method. This process will ensure that the puppies are placed according to their personalities and not their looks, color or gender based on pictures. When placing a deposit you must agree to this process so the puppy you take home will become a fabulous member of your family.

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