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These are photos of our puppies and people that have bought them. I am so proud of our program and the dogs we are producing for family pets and service and therapy.

Testimonials from my customers...

Hi Karen,
Hope all is well with you... It's been a week since we brought Lola Rose home and we just wanted to tell you how wonderful she is!! This puppy has a temperament unlike any other puppy we have ever seen! She's sweet, playful, very intelligent, funny, yet peaceful also. Such an awesome combination. We've had family come over and they cannot believe how absolutely wonderful Lola is... We wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in raising/breeding these puppies... Your efforts are clearly evident... We knew the day we met you and Ivory we had made the right choice in breeder.. You are such a professional, so loving and caring with your dogs, it is truly a pleasure to have met you and a blessing to have such a perfect puppy. It's obvious you love what you do!
Patty and Robert

Thanks for raising a wonderful dog and then giving us the opportunity to share her. She is the hit of our neighborhood!



Moose fits in right at home! He really loves being outside! He's always trying to find a way to get pass the glass door to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather! After a nice little meal, he went outside where he went number one and two! A little nibble sized treat was rewarded. After coming inside, he goes to his (what we call) favorite place by the couch, stretches out, and goes to sleep. We love him!!
Ben and family

Hi, Karen. I wanted to write you yesterday but didn't get around to it. We are enjoying Togo greatly. He is sweet,  playful, and obedient. He has played, napped, and walked. He is doing great! We love him. Thanks!





Hi Karen,
I just wanted to give you an update on Lime sunflower girl born on Jan 21, 2016 who's name is now Winnie. She is healthy and happy. She is the best dog in the entire world. We couldn't imagine our lives without her. Here are a few pics and she was even on the cover of the newspaper. She is so sweet, gentle and playful. Our neighbors, family, friends and complete strangers who meet her think she is incredible and want her.  Most loving heart ever!! She's always with us and gets an abundance of love.❤️❤️❤️


Thanks again,
Jessica Daly

We just wanted you to see what a precious addition to our family you gave us. Bailey is loved by everyone here. All of our neighbors want to steal her from us. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them doesn’t reach out to you for a puppy soon. 
Hope you are doing well with all that is going on. I still go on the video cam and see all those puppies. They are all so
oo cute!!

Robin and Larry Taylor

Therapy Dog - Titus

While Titus frequently interacts with students throughout the day, he has been introduced to approximately a dozen students in the past 4 weeks during counseling sessions with Mrs. Latreille.  Once students have met him, they ask about him every time they come to her office.  She reports that it is interesting as each seems to regard Titus as their special friend.  Mrs. Latreille also shared that to his credit, Titus makes everyone feel that way.  Mrs. Latreille has also shared that, “Titus is very friendly and his big fluffy face always looks happy to see you, no matter how well he knows someone.  His tail is always wagging, and he clearly likes people in general.” She has also found Titus to be particularly helpful with a few boys who are having some social issues. One is a new student to the school, and another has always struggled to interact with his peers.  Titus was easy for both boys to get to know, and the new student became very excited when Titus offered him his paw.  The student looked at Mrs. Latreille and said, “Look! I taught Titus a new trick!” The other boy has helped walk Titus on nice days and said, “I’m really good with dogs!,” because Titus was well behaved when the boy was given the leash to walk him on his own.  Both boys felt a sense of accomplishment from their interactions with Titus.  In addition, Mrs. Latreille reports that a few girls she counsels come into the office routinely feeling sad; however, if Titus is around, they pet him and start feeling better almost immediately.  In a complicated world, with a pandemic and other unprecedented challenges, Mrs. Latreille reports that his presence just seems to bring a simple sense of comfort to our students.  She feels he is a perfect addition to our SRF family.

Corey & Titus

Griz is the most wonderfully loving , spirited and intelligent Pup I could have ever asked for .🤗 He keeps me young and his 8 year old brother doodle( Dude ) are BFFs.🐕🐕.Griz is an incredibly athletic 50 lb.-almost 2 year old “Puppy”. I will be on your list soon for another Pup. Thanks for checking Karen🤗

Randy Ogden

I love my customers...

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