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I have a reservation on a puppy...

What Now?

Gunner, Stormy and Bo 2020

You've sent your puppy application and your deposit, here is what you can expect next...

Once your puppy request and your deposit are received you will get an email notification of acceptance to receive a puppy from us. You will then be placed on an email list for that litter and receive emails as that litter progresses. After the puppies are born you will receive photos and updates about the litter and be able to view the puppies via the web cam.

Common Questions:

What if there aren't enough puppies for all the people on the list?
Mother Nature is in charge here, we take 5/6 reservations plus 1 or 2 spots are reserved for Sunrise AL (which are the first picks of the litter). We do not always keep a puppy but reserve the right to first pick of a quality pup for future breeding. If there aren't enough puppies (according to the date you requested your puppy) for you then you will be moved to the next available litter.

What if I want a certain gender?

I always tell people that no good dog is a certain gender (or color). That said, you can request a boy or girl and I will try my best to accommodate. With the Australian Labradoodles both genders are very calm, non-aggressive, sweet, happy, smart, males do not mark territory as they are neutered early, females are not smarter... you get what I am saying here. I ask you be open to gender so you can receive the puppy that has the best temperament for you and your family and that may be a boy or a girl puppy. Also Mother Nature may not give us many or any of one gender so again I ask you to be open to the idea of either gender.

What if I want a certain color?
Please see answer above.

What is the process of picking our puppy?

This is the most popular question. First I am hoping you've put a deposit on the litter you are most interested regarding size and color.  If you have a deposit on a multi colored litter you should be prepared and willing to accept any of those colors.  At birth, I ask that you just watch the puppies grow and not to ask me about or request a certain pup. At 6 weeks I do temperament testing of each one to help determine what kind of temperament and personality each puppy has. My two hurdles in placing puppies are a family with small children and a family that works all day.  At the 6 week Open House, each family that has a reservation on the litter will come and meet all the puppies (if you live far then we Skype/Facetime), learn about their personalities and choose your top three puppies in order of preference. Then, Sunrise Australian Labradoodles based on information on your application, results of temperament testing and personality evaluations will allocate puppies with preference given to the three puppies you've chosen. When placing a deposit you must agree to this process and understand that you will not be guaranteed any of the three puppies you choose but your choices will be given preference when considering what puppy you will get. This will ensure that the puppies are placed according to their personalities and not their looks based on pictures and one visit.

When will I be able to take my puppy Home?

Puppies are ready to go home just between 8-9 weeks old. There will be a set day and time when you will come and pick up your puppy. At that time we will go over all the info about your puppy such as vaccinations, worming, grooming and everything you will need to know about the care of your puppy. All questions will be answered.

There are many things you can do while waiting for your puppy. You don't need to buy a ton of stuff (if you don't want to) your puppy will come with a collar, leash, bone, toy, blanket that smells like Mom and siblings, puppy packet filled with information.

-Puppy proof your home
-Research trainers in your area
-Purchase a wire crate. Medium dogs use 36", Standard Size 42"
-Purchase a bed for the crate
-Watch the puppy cam
-Research groomers

-Order TLC Puppy Food
-Order NuVet Vitamins
-Research and interview Veterinarians if you don't have one
-Read these books:

Recommended Books:

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

Dog Training for Kids: Teaching Children the Responsibilities and Joys of Puppy Care, Training, and Companionship

My Favorite:
Owner's Week-By-Week Training Guide

Puppy Training:

Baxter & Bella Online Puppy Training


I send email updates each week and photos every two weeks as puppies grow.

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