Our Retired Dogs...


Ivory helped me start this journey... She was my first dog and is the foundation of my breeding program. She has now retired on my farm and living the good life of helping me raise puppies and chase squirrels. Many of my current breeding dogs are from her amazing lines. I would not have the fabulous program I do without this wonderful girl. I owe her a debt of gratitude I can never repay but will try with love and hugs for the rest of her life.

The dogs below were also a very important part of my breeding program. Each and every one of them added different aspects of structure, temperament, coat and many other desired qualities that make up this breed and the Sunrise lines.  I could not have such wonderful lines and puppies without these dogs. Now they are enjoying their retirement with their families.

Tootsie Bell
Sunrise Princess Lula
Sunrise Razzos Rory
MD's Lucy Lou
Sunrise Graceful Lilly
Sunrise Sweet Molly
Gemstone Golden Saphire
Sunrise Hollywood
Red Autralian Labradoodle
Sunrise Red Ryder
Sunrise Dancing Dandelion
"Dandi" or "Goofball"
Sunrise Skye's The Limit
Sunrise Alyse By The Sea
Labradoodle by Design with a Cherry on Top
Sunrise Spice of Life
Sunrise Lady Eloise
Big Rock's Sunrise Over Paris