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Our Training Program
and Trained Dogs Available

We offer a limited number of trained puppies for families looking for a well trained pet or someone seeking a service dog with a great foundation. Puppies that go through our training program live here on the farm, in our home, and works many times a day with our full time trainer. Puppies are in our bedroom in a crate each night. This is a fabulous way to get an exceptional start for your puppy! 

Limited to 2 puppies per litter in training. Must reserve when placing a deposit.

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Puppy Basics Training:


This program is 2-weeks and at completion the puppy will be 10-11 weeks old. Puppies in this program will be crate trained at night and be fully crate trained and sleeping through the night 8-9 hours. They will also be properly socialized to many different sounds, people, places, dogs, cats, etc. Puppy will be introduced to all of the commands in the Advanced Training program and will get a solid start on life. This program is a good idea for people who are unable to pick their puppy up at the 8 weeks, or are looking for a good beginning with puppy training and a solid start to the basics. The


Puppy Basics Price is $1,700

Advanced Puppy Training:


Our Advanced Puppy program is our most popular choice. Lasting 5-weeks, at completion the dog is about 4 months old (13-14 weeks old).  Includes second round of vaccinations, worming, food, vitamins, grooming. The Advanced trained puppy price is $850 per week for 5 weeks. Puppies will continue to be socialized properly, integrated into our family life  and household with other dogs not in kennels. Puppies in training will learn the following commands with weekly video and update on progress.

• Potty training is continued, with more maturity this puppy will be just that much closer and should have very few accidents in your home.

• Greet visitors politely, no jumping. “Off” Command.

• They learn “place” where they go to their mat/bed until released.

• “Leave it” (a command for their safety which can be given to tell them to avoid picking up an unknown items).

• “Wait” which we use getting into or out of a car/ kennel/ doorway so you don’t have a dog who darts out when you open the door. This is for their own safety.

• Travel well in a car.

• Come, Sit, Down, Stay

• No Bitting, no jumping

• Walking nicely on a leash. It is never a pleasure to walk a dog who wants to walk you!

• Exposed to a variety of experiences such city/country environments, a variety of people and animals, store field trips, etc.

• Includes the 3rd round of vaccine and first month of Heartguard

Advanced Puppy Training Price is $850 per week

$4,250 for total of 5 full weeks of training


We believe the best dog is

one who is truly a joy to live with.


Having remarkable manners not only at home, but anywhere you want to take them in public. 

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Trained Dogs Available

If we have any dogs that are trained and for sale they will be listed below and have been through our Advanced Puppy program. Lasting 5-weeks, at completion the dog is about 4-6 months old. 


The Trained puppy price ranges from $4,850 - $11,500 depending on the dogs level, trainability and weeks in training. All these dogs are updated on current vaccinations, and worming.

If you have a deposit on a puppy from me and are interested in having your puppy go through our 2 week or 5 week training program please email me and I would love to talk to you about this wonderful program.

I have no trained dog at this time.

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