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Understand Your Dog’s Body Language with These Tips

The razor-sharp high intelligence trait of the poodles combined with the emotionally-savvy intelligence and energy of the labrador, Labradoodles are everyone’s favorite. The A-grade generation line having the genetic building blocks of the poodle and labrador gave rise to their eagerness to please, friendly, happy, among other personality traits. However, as much therapy we take from our beloved pet doodle, even they need careful care and attention. As a dog owner, there might have been times when you found your pet’s behavior a bit odd but could not reason it. Regardless of the labradoodle breed information and grooming tips, it’s essential for you to read their body language as a pet owner. It’s their way of telling that they need your attention. Dogs cannot speak the human tongue; hence they use their body parts and specific movements to convey their message. This blog provides a quick guide to read your pet’s body language for better care and communication:


A confident dog stands tall in his/ her stance with raised tail and a slow, wide wag. In addition to this, the ears also get perked up.


A happy and playful doodle is full of energy, with the most common sign being the rapid wagging of the tail. If a dog is in a mood to play, he/ she may lower his/ her head in a bow and raise the back end while displaying all signs of eagerness.


An anxious or fearful dog often places his/ her tail between the hind legs. This can happen when your puppy is outside in the presence of other dogs or stranger humans. A conflicting and new environment is the number one cause of intimidation. Here are a few more signs of an anxious dog:

  • Raised shoulders

  • Lowered tail

  • Lowered head and quickly looks away

  • Meek in stance

  • Shivering/ whimpering

  • Raised hair on the back


It’s pretty easy to assess an aggressive or a moody pet. An aggressive dog in a dominant state will let you know by behavior. He/ she is likely to stand tall and strong in stance while staring into the eyes of other dogs in the vicinity. Other obvious signs are:

  • Ears pinned back

  • Snarling or growling

  • Narrow, focused eyes with the whites clearly visible

  • Hair on back raised

  • Raised and straight tail

It’s vital for you to learn these symptoms so that you can take your dog out of the environment that’s triggering to shift from their normal emotional state. Engage your labradoodle in metal agility training and sufficient playtime to keep their mind and body healthy and active. This way, your pet gets to release all the pent-up energy while building social skills, improving problem-solving, and decreased issues with sleep and eating patterns. One must not forget that these four-legged wonders are no different from humans and are creatures with emotional, physical, and mental needs. Set challenging games to keep your doodle’s mind stretched from time to time while solidifying the bond with your pet.

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