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Australian Labradoodle Breeding Dogs for Sale

Thank you for being interested in Sunrise Australian Labradoodles. We are a breeder of exceptional, health tested, medium and standard size Australian Labradoodles for therapy, service and family pets.  We believe it is our obligation to you, our customers, to breed only those dogs together that have passed the most thorough and up to date genetic health testing, have correct structure, and sound temperament to ensure longevity, trainability, and full active life. 

Sunrise Austrailian Labradoodles

Sunrise Austrailian Labradoodles

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As a founding member, and current board member of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) I take great pride in the raising of our puppies. We are proud to be a member and abide by the ethics of this organization. The pedigree of our dogs lines can be traced back to the original kennels of Rutland Manor/Teagan Park that started this breed we now call the Australian Labradoodle.  With new infusions to help the breed stay healthy, our dogs are authentic and certified with WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association). These certifications help ensure that your new Australian Labradoodle puppy is the real deal.


Our dogs are carefully selected so their puppies will have wonderful dispositions, amazing conformation, and hypoallergenic coats for which the breed was developed and is sought after.  Our goal is to provide allergy friendly Australian Labradoodle puppies that are healthy, smart, and people oriented as family pets as well as therapy and service dogs. Our foundation dogs were chosen specifically because they were the best examples of the breed standards set forth by WALA. With each and every litter we produce we are striving to produce a better puppy that lives a full and happy healthy life.

Health testing is very important to us. Each and every breeding dog is fully health tested with OFA Hip evaluations, clear of the DNA panel of 12-14 disease and disorders, and OFA Eye Certifications every 18 months. This ensures that our dogs are as healthy as possible before breeding. The logos below show that we are WALA certified with the All Star Rating for all dogs in our program. 


We use temperament testing and conformation evaluation to help us breed for for calm, confident, and people focused puppies with correct structure.  We also use the temperament test results to help place puppies in the right homes. These breeding practices help ensure that you get the best possible Australian Labradoodle puppy available for your family or service dog.


We feel that every family should own one of these wonderful Australian Labradoodle puppies for a joyful addition to your family.

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See why we belong to WALA.
Click the link below to go to the WALA Website

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