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9 Puppy Care Tips to Become a Better Pet Parent

Bringing home a new puppy doubles your responsibilities. Along with other essential things, you have to ensure the best care for your new family member without turning your home into a battlefield. Raising Australian Labradoodle puppies can be fun if you know how to do it right.

Here are some useful tips to become a better pet parent:

Check their nose

This is the easiest way to ensure your puppy’s health. If you touch their nose and find it a little wet, it is a sign of good health. Healthy dogs and puppies sweat through their nose.

Make a puppy first-aid kit

You should always keep yourself prepared for the possible emergencies and accidents. This becomes even more important for people who love taking their fur babies everywhere they go. If you’re also the one, develop a habit of keeping your puppy first-aid kit with you all the time.

Brush their teeth

Brushing the teeth of your puppy is important to ensure their well-being and avoid dental problems. It may be unusual at first, but once they get used to it, it turns into a fun routine. The only thing to remember is to get a toothpaste made for dogs.

Play with purpose

When playing with your puppy, you should intentionally touch their toes, nails, ears, and feet. This will help you at the time of trimming their nails as they won’t be over-sensitive while being touched on these body parts.

Avoid overfeeding

As per a 2020 AAHA report, pet obesity has become an epidemic now. So, you need to be very careful while feeding them. Being obese may put them at the risk of several health problems. The best way to prevent this is to follow the amount recommended by their vet or Labradoodle breeder.

Keep your trash and household toxins away

All your hard work may go in vain if your furry baby comes in contact with toxic cleaners or eat anything indigestible from your trash. So, make sure to keep them away.

Walk and exercise with them

Walk with your dog in the park, make them do Yoga with you, or take them for a hike. In this way, you can spend some extra time while following your fitness routine. This will also help you bond with them better.

Get a puzzle toy

It is a great idea to mentally stimulate your puppy once in a while. You can get a puzzle toy to get the job done if you cannot do it on your own. This will also help keep them engaged and avoid the virus.

Befriend your puppy

Your cute little friend expects all your love and empathy. To raise them right, it is important to befriend them at first. Give them your time and attention so they can blend well with you and your family members.

To raise a happy puppy, you should ensure their health and comfort before anything else. The above tips will surely help you with that.

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