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Trained Dogs

We offer a limited number of trained puppies. For families looking for a well trained pet or someone seeking a service dog with a great foundation. Puppies that go through our training program live here on the farm, in our home, and works many times a day with our full time trainer. Puppies are in our bedroom in a crate each night. This is a fabulous way to get an exceptional start for your puppy! 


We believe the best dog is one who is truly a joy to live with. Having remarkable 

manners not only at home, but anywhere you want to take them in public. 

These dogs listed below have been through our Advanced Puppy program. Lasting 5-weeks, at completion the dog is about 4-6 months old. 


The Trained puppy price is individual depending on the dogs level, trainability and weeks in training. All these dogs are updated on current vaccinations, and worming. Please call or email to get more information. 

Sorry, I have no trained dogs available at this time.

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